Heyoo, folks! I am George and here I will share to you some more information about myself, this brand new blog of mine and its particular purpose.

So, who am I? Some call me George, some Joro and my best friends use the nickname “Konda”, almost like Honda, but with a “K”.  Sounds silly, man, but whatever.


I was born in Plovdiv, but I did spend the first eighteen years of my life in a small town called Velingrad, positioned in the Rhodope Mountains in the southern part of Bulgaria. As I finished high school, I went back to Plovdiv to start my university degree in Marketing.


Enough with the academic, in most cases, useless information. It would be truly impossible to share with you all the interests I do have because there are hundreds of them. I will try to stick to the basics. I love rock’n’roll and music in general, as cliche as it may sound, but I feel like it plays a huge role in life and self-actualisation.

Also, I am the former singer and songwriter (not really a good one) of Chainsaw Babies – the rock-oriented band that existed from 2014 to 2017. The project was founded to simply have fun, record our original material music and play lots of gigs around the country. Well, all dreams do come to an end, my friends.


In real life, I have passion for marketing and advertising, especially digital strategies for increasing brands visibility. Currently, I work as a search engine optimization specialist and I am constantly improving my skills to master that. I practice brutal honesty, especially with myself and will not lie at any moment that I am some sort of a “digital guru, ninja or whatever”. I am just a student of the game, straight up!

I like keeping things simple, communication straight and work done properly when the goal is set. I do admire people who are self-observant, honest with oneself and others, keeping it real and have lots of interests in different areas. Whether it is music, concerts, reviews, movies, marketing, life tips, books or teachings, I would love to write and discuss all the questions that seem important to me in the blog.

Welcome to georgekondev.com, I will share more content soon and will try to stay relevant as much as my daily-routine makes it possible. Have fun!