3 Hip Hop Albums of 2020’s First Quarter You Should Listen To

As we are staying home for the last some weeks now, it might be a great idea to check out some more new music that has come out since the beginning of 2020. It would definitely brighten our days up. That is for sure.

Some of you may know that I am a big hip-hop head and I try to follow and listen most of the worthy mixtapes and albums that come out since my high schools days. I love both old school and new school projects and will not define myself as a fan of just one category of hip hop and especially rapping as a form of art. In today’s blog post I will share with you three particular hip-hop albums that were released in this first quarter of the year.

In other words – it is artists you know well, two of them considered legends and the third I acknowledge to have mad talent. So, let’s dive into my personal picks and have a good time!


Eminem dropped his surprise eleventh studio album “MTBMB” on January 17th and it reached critical acclaim fast. The project has features from Young M.A, Anderson .Paak, Don Toliver, Ed Sheeran, Skylar Grey, Black Thought, Q-Tip and the late great Juice Wrld. (Rest easy, Jarad!)


What I liked about the project is that Eminem really tried to keep up with the new sound coming up in the hip hop world. The beats were some great jams and picks, he showed fascinating skillset, as usual, but this time it grew more on me after the first few listens. I didn’t like “Revival“, nor “Kamikaze“, but this time Em comes with a project I might consider “the first worthy one” since “The Mashal Mathers LP 2” from 2013. I loved the Alfred Hitchcock concept, skits and album cover. Two thumbs up for that. Personal favourite tracks off “MTBMB” are “Godzilla”, “Unaccommodating”, “Darkness” and “Lock It Up”.

#2. Lil Wayne – “Funeral” 

The long-awaited project finally arrived January 31th this year and it marked a new beginning for the once proclaimed “best rapper alive“.  It might sound controversial, but even Wayne himself explained that “Funeral” is not his last studio album. More than 24 years in this rap game, thirteen studio albums, countless mixtapes and guest appearances and Lil Wayne has no intentions of slowing down. How could he, he is the backbone of hip hop music itself, after all, right?

The project is a little bit longer than I expected it to be but for obvious reasons it couldn’t be any less. First of all, Lil Wayne is a real workaholic, he has thousands of recorded songs that probably only him and his crew have heard. Also, “Funeral” was a tribute to the legend Kobe Bryant who passed away roughly a week before the album release.  ( R.I.P, “Black Mamba”) #Forever24


The album consists of 24 songs and guest appearances from Lil Baby, Big Sean, Lil Twist, Jay Rock, 2 Chainz, XXXTentacion, Takeoff and The Dream. I loved Wayne’s feature-less efforts this time, songs like “Mahagony“, “Mama Mia“, “Not Me“, “Bastard (Satan’s Kid)” and “Piano Trap” do the magic for me. Not only they have amazing wordplay and metaphors, but production-wise I think the beat selection is off the chain. Some great tracks right there you should definitely check.

Is Lil Wayne pushing boundaries with his latest release? Probably not, but to me as a huge fan of Wayne and knowing what he is truly capable of, I’ve enjoyed most of the songs on “Funeral“.

#1. Joyner Lucas – “ADHD

Showing some admirable skill on his debut album, Joyner Lucas seems like he is slowly dominating the hip hop scene and will be here to stay. “Joyner!!” 

Last year I got deeper into his music after hearing some Chris Brown features and a couple of his great remixes to the beats of ” Gucci Gang“, “Mask Off“, “Look Alive” and “Bank Account“. Not only he made the songs better, but some fans think these beats now belong to him. Reminds me of ’07 Lil Wayne when he murked all beats on his mixtapes. That’s raw!


I love “ADHD” for the simple fact that Joyner is not afraid to talk. To talk about personal struggles, real issues and fakery that is all around the media and people. Although he delivered a lot of singles before the actual release of the album, I respect his grind and strategy. His presence in hip hop is moving the culture forward in my opinion and he still has a lot to offer as an artist. My top joints on the album are: ” The War” (feat. Young Thug), “I Love“, “Devil’s Work“, “Revenge” and “Gold Mine“.

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